Sunday, October 30, 2005


finally home after almost 3 months. it's a long long weekend and i'm taking this chance to get away from the hustle and bustle. well... half the manila population is probably here anyways. good thing i just stay home and we have our own bar, so rest and drinking covered, thank you very much.

it's going to be a hell of an effort convincing myself to go back to work after this. sigh.


  1. Jessie, ano yung pencil test?

    I'm back in Manila for the Nov 2&3 work tapos akyat ulit ng Baguio. Labo no? Gotta work e. Wow sarap naman meron bar sa house nyo. Malamang di kami magkakaroon nyan. Staunch advocate ng no-to-alcohol si wife eh. :-(

  2. hehehe. syempre kasi may maliit kayo na iniintindi. drop by kayo kasi it's a cafe by day. try the creamed beef on toast with bacon. cardeli cafe/kwago bar. sa may military cut off. orange gate. :D