Saturday, October 13, 2007

on hair loss and dandruff

i got a massage the other day and the masseuse noticed that my hair is thinning.

it has always been a cycle for me to lose hair occasionally, specially when stressed, or when my hormones are going particularly wild.

anyway, the masseuse said i should get calamansi and rub it into my scalp before i sleep. she swears by it.

so i thought i'd use technology (the internet) to research superstition (or so i thought). apparently there's scientific basis for her claims, which i will not get into at the moment. but i will quote a post in a forum of pinoys in japan. this is from user "puting tainga" and i quote:

Ayon sa isang doctor, if you have balakubak, it means you need more Vitamin B.
Corn, wakame (the seaweed), are the things you can get Vitamin B easily. (At saka mura. Mahal ang mga gamot o supplements.)

As for the hair loss, read the Bible and be comforted.
When the bad kids teased Elisha for his baldness, two bears appeared and killed them all. (2 Hari 2:23-24)
The hairs of your head are all numbered. (Mateo 10:30)

I hope this will help you.

made my morning. hope it makes yours. :)

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