Tuesday, October 16, 2007

shelfari fiasco

okay. so there i was, happily putting virtual books on my virtual shelf when i thought i'd search for some friends who have joined shelfari too. so i let the thing search my contact list.

happy happy! i found some friends and their names were all checked. so i added them. only to find out that when i hit enter and scrolled down, ALL the people i've ever sent email to for the past 3 years, even that girl i picked a fight with for sending me the wrong item on ebay got sent an invitation!

hell i even sent myself an invitation to join shelfari.

the only consolation i got was that karen had the same dilemma. hahahah.

oh well. may i be forgiven for spamming. however inadvertently. :D


  1. Anonymous7:12 AM

    So that's why I got that invite! Not from you, but from a friend of a friend na siguro ka-CC ko lang in an email a long time ago.

    Akala ko pa naman I really made an impression, hahaha. :)

    - y_slaybelle

  2. hahahah. i emailed shelfari and they said they'd make sure no reminders would be sent from me. but damage had been done.

    oh well. :)