Thursday, October 11, 2007


i am officially un-anonymous*.

had a hearing last tuesday, the first i have ever had to attend in baguio.

up till last tuesday i was happily anonymous in the courts here. i can walk in and out of the hall of justice in shorts and a ratty shirt and no one would pay any attention to me.

unfortunately during the hearing i was interrogated by the judge regarding the fact that there are 4 lady lawyers in our family (i am the last one to ever show up), one of whom used to be a prosecutor. people stared and i felt sad that i became known.

now i can't dance around the grocery aisles (as i am wont to do), paint the town red, or drive like a madman.

sigh. small towns.

i miss my anonymity already.

*not found in dictionaries. just seemed appropriate for this post.

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