Thursday, June 19, 2008

ang online burol, bow

this morning on my way to a lunch meeting i passed in front of a funeral home. this is not an uncommon occurrence, as there are a lot of funeral homes everywhere. what struck me, though, was this huge tarpaulin sign that said:


huh? of course i almost damaged my neck in the cab, first from the whiplash when i took a hurried second look, and then from trying to get a better view from inside the moving vehicle. i decided i'll just look it up when i get home. it sounded like a hoax.

so i searched for it and lo and behold, here it is: st. peter life plan, inc. e-burol

my gas! the tarpaulin poster was shitting me not.

initially i thought it was a tacky tacky marketing scheme. but then i realized that filipinos abroad really would appreciate something like this, specially when they can't go home for a wake or burial.

but even though i understand the concept behind it, hysterical mirth keeps threatening to overcome me when i think about the e-burol. i keep thinking how it would be too much like watching tv. how surreal it must be.

oh well, whatever rocks your boat. medyo creepy lang talaga. basta ako ayoko ng lamay, ha. online or otherwise.


  1. nyaks. ako rin, ayoko ng burol. Kapag sinasama naman ako, ayoko tumingin dun sa patay. pag tinanong ako why, ang reason ko ay "i see dead people."

  2. hahaha. ako din. hangga't maaari hindi ako titingin sa patay. takot ako baka biglang bumukas ang mata at kindatan ako.

  3. See this:

    or this:

    I think this is where the idea is from. Search google for online burol. The top result will be the second link.