Monday, January 12, 2009

for all babies about to be born

wrote this after the september 11 twin tower incident. i just found it in my files while looking for another poem. :P so i'll just share it with the world and expectant mothers out there. :)

what will you see my little one
when you come to this earth
where terror is constant
from the moment of birth
a place where planes wreak havoc
and bring death from the skies
where land mines maim children
bullets end countless lives.
how can i protect you
from this race i call my own
how can i assure you
that someday you'll have grown
safe, unharmed
able to cherish life
able to embrace peace
able to scorn strife.
i dread your coming
but i welcome it more
i hope for the best
no matter what's in store.
but i promise you this
my dear little one
you shall know peace and love
while i walk this land.

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