Tuesday, January 27, 2009

pwede ba sabunutan ko na lang sarili ko?

2 days without internet, and 2 days of making calls to the sec, bir, and rod. and of course, to the idiot phone company that cut our dsl.

the idiot phone company disconnected our dsl without notice, and without provocation.

called the manager and some idiot picked up the phone, put the headset on the table, and left. i put it on speaker and spent the better part of an hour listening to the manager try to explain to a customer why his phone got disconnected when he had no arrears whatsoever. i hung up (accidentally!).

finally got to talk to some customer service person and they claimed we had our dsl disconnected, then they said no, we didn't. our secretary had it disconnected. and then they said ah..., no, nobody had it disconnected, they're sorry, please wait 48 hours for reconnection. then when we called again, they said the building administrator went to their office to have OUR dsl disconnected, but they're sorry, please wait for another 48 hours.

48 hours! gardemet (as fams would say). we needed to research, and email, and print! yes, print. our office is wireless so we won't trip over wires that lead from one end of the room to the other. and there we were, slaves to the net, our office practically paralyzed.

to top it off, all the transactions we had with government agencies for the past two days went bust. arrrrrrrrrrgggggh!!!

i dread my phone bill.

as of this writing the thing is still disconnected. and if we don't have our dsl connected by tomorrow, heads will roll, with my sister wielding a very sharp, very heavy, very wicked ax.

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