Monday, January 22, 2007

do you ever get that feeling that every song that plays is mocking you?

i used to kid around that i had a dj in my head. every time something even remotely requiring attention happens to me or around me, some totally appropriate song from the vast music library that is my head plays.

lately it's been perverse and mocking. sometimes it plays not just one song for the moment in question, but two or three. that's not all. even the shuffle on my ipod is joining the fray. and the radio.

no i don't want to have love songs in my head about temptation and being shameless and a few words too many. and i don't want them playing on my ipod either. but the thing is, they DO play. and i can't do a thing about it. if i shut my ipod down, my inner dj starts playing songs in my head. if i do manage to shut that down too, radio music from some remote speaker takes up the slack.

the universe playing tricks on me. mean tricks.

could be sending me a message though. telling me to face things i've been avoiding. pushing me to soul-search, you think?

i'm not ready. so i guess till i am, i'm going to have to endure listening to music i would prefer to not listen to right now.

sigh. oh well. if the universe says jump, what can you do but ask how high?

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