Sunday, January 28, 2007

gumaganda ka...

i never know what to say every time someone says that. it's either i preen and say a flirty thank you, or i go on the defensive and say "so pangit ako noon?"

i would understand if i've been taking steps to "beautify" myself. you know -- hair styling, make-up, diet (hehehe), wardrobe... the works. but i don't. (somehow, this comes off as very mayabang. pero nasimulan ko na eh. )

really, i've been getting a lot of comments like that. could be because i'm a lot more confident now (oo na mas mayabang ako ngayon) and i've outgrown my tattered jeans and tattered shirt phase. maybe not completely but some. could be na pangit talaga ako noon.

it's nice though, when people say it, and it's been a particularly bad day for me.

so i guess next time an ordinary thank you would be good. :)

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