Monday, January 22, 2007


you can't choose them, so they say. but you can choose to not consider them relatives, right?

i won't go into details. generalities maybe.

well sometimes i just find it hard to believe that i am actually related by blood to some people. i find myself thinking surely somebody who shares my blood could not be as complete an asshole as this ________(uncle, cousin, aunt, nephew, niece. fill in the blank.)?

but you know what? they are complete assholes. they. i can't believe how anyone could trade good relations for money. a measly sum, at that. they think just because they've been forgiven over and over and over in the past, they can keep on getting away with being the total jerk-offs that they are. and then they pretend that they had nothing to do with it.

hay naku. i am being deliberately vague because my mom and dad would probably get on my case for this.

hay naku. i'm certain of one thing. i had decided years ago that when i get married, there will only be a handful of relatives. and you know what? they're growing less in number by the year.

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