Monday, March 26, 2007

almost full circle

clicked randomly on the links in my archives and i hit this. posts disclosing the reason i started working and some other posts before and after i started working.

i never did get the dx6490. some months after i started working a new model came out in the market. i didn't get that either.

it's been 3 years and i still don't have a digital camera. oh well. 3 years later and i'm still at the same job, with a different title, and a slightly higher salary.

other concerns got in the way, i suppose. instead of saving for my camera i figured i'd have kojak fixed some. i got lost in a bookstore once. i started visiting places around the philippines. buying clothes. a new knapsack. something always got in the way.

things are going to come full circle soon. then maybe i'll get that digital camera.

you're smart. figure it out.

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