Wednesday, December 03, 2003

the character first committee

the city mayor's office has a character first committee. every month they come up with posters proclaiming what month it is (october was honesty, november humility) and it has all these sayings on it.

i have been staring at the november poster. it's on the wall above my mom's pc to provide much needed entertainment. i quote:

"it is a joy to honor someone who is not always clamoring for spotlight but instead shares the credit with others. authorities love to exalt a humble person."

excuse me? this, coming from the mayor's office? from a mayor whose huge pictures are plastered all over baguio, who had the letter "v" mounted on all infrastructure, and who even had them mounted on the trash bins???

humility? i think not. take down those streamers and "v"s then we can consider talking about humility.

character first? bullshit. i have seen more character in beggars on the street.

and since i'm lambasting the damned office anyway, and consequently their idiotic posters, let me quote again.

"i will not think more highly on myself than i thought."

somebody explain this to me like i'm a five year old.

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