Friday, December 05, 2003

going through junk

somebody asked me if i still have the sketch he made of me. so i went looking for it in my room.

turns out i still have junk left over from the previous clean up.

i didn't find the sketch. but i found something interesting.

found the guestbook i used for my exhibit. back in college we had to construct an actual room and enclose it in glass. each student had his/her design and we set up the modules in greenhills. something like a thesis.

i made a reading room with an ethnic design.

anyways, there were a lot of comments in the guestbook. some had job offers, others merely complimented the design, and still others said i looked cute in my grad pic. o di ba? i was laughing in my grad pic kasi.

one comment struck me though. it said "don't leave this field. you have the talent for it."

how could he or she have known that i had no plans of practicing? i didn't even know it then.

well i did leave the field. at kahit tumaba ang puso ko, i know i don't have the talent for it. i didn't have it then, i don't have it now.

the only reason that room looked so good was because it was how i wanted one of the rooms in my house to look. when i do get to build my house. it was purely motivated by self-interest. i got a very good grade. but that was just a bonus.

so here i am, with a degree in interior design, the only purpose of which is to serve as shock factor.

them: hi. so you graduated from law school. what was your undergraduate course?
me: interior design.

there, purpose served.

maybe someday it will serve some other purpose. but for now, the facial expressions accompanying the WHAAAAAT is still amusing.

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