Friday, December 19, 2003

in the mood for dancing

attended a party today at the lsu gym. it was the faculty and staff christmas party. since i live in the president's house, i got to go.

had to borrow a blouse since my wardrobe consisted of shorts and shirts and tanks. and i must say, i looked pretty okay. :)

there was an interpretative dance contest, (to the tune of winter wonderland) a chorale contest, and a live christmas tree contest. by the time they were done, my little intestines were happily eating my big intestines. HUUUUN-GRY!

don't even remember what i ate but i do remember that there were about one dozen lechons in the area. one for each table, but ours had two. we had the guests kasi. they don't chop the lechon here. they leave a knife and fork at the table and you cut yourself a piece. i asked somebody to cut mine. he was nice enough to do so. :)

after dinner, there was ballroom dancing. i haven't gone ballroom dancing in ages. i don't recall when the last time was.

anyways, my friend's cousin and i danced the cha-cha. i had to lead, being almost 8 inches taller than her. then we sat down and my friend's dad danced with her mom, then her, then me.

i'll say. her dad can dance. he's tall, so leading the dance is easy. and he has that loose grace of the older generation who learned how to dance on the dance floor, on their own, with legitimate partners. they didn't need DI's back then. swing was in.

so he danced the swing and the boogie with me and i did two double spins and a triple spin without missing a step. i was so proud, and my friend and her family were shocked. they asked me why i danced well.

i told them my dad and my uncles loved to dance, and they passed it on.

sigh. i miss my dad.

we should go dancing when i get back.

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