Monday, January 24, 2005

butt wait!

finally joined the bandwagon. went to play badminton yesterday. my first time to play the game, and my first attempt at a sport again since july of 2003.

i didn't do so bad. my reflexes kicked in when needed, and i didn't embarrass the person who invited me.

but hell. my whole body hurts. muscles which i had forgotten existed are currently screaming for attention. my butt throbs everytime i take a step. and my back punishes me everytime i so much as slouch.

so there. it was a good day, though. this sport is similar to volleyball, footwork and arm movement-wise. i missed the movement, and the sweating.

i might do it again. in the meantime, however, -- must.. pamper...butt. :)

1 comment:

  1. Hello Jessie! I used to play tennis. That was more than a couple of years ago. Mukhang di na ako makakabalik sa sport na to, o kaya sa badminton man. Kelangan ko muna mag-exercise. Kung makakabangon pa ako sa sofa sa kapapanood ng tv pag weekend. hehehe