Thursday, January 20, 2005

happy birthday bareyns!!!

yesterday i woke up really early to greet a friend of mine happy birthday.

me: good morning bareyns! happy birthday!
her: (sounding all thick and sleepy) huh?
me: happy birthday!
her: that's tomorrow sweetie...
me: (sounding terribly stupid) what date is your birthday?
her: the 20th.
me: but it's the 20th! what date is it today again? (again, sounding stupid)
her: the 19th.
me: really? i don't have a deadline!
her: i'm going back to sleep now.
me: sowi.

anyways, greeted her at midnight last night and i got it right. i guess i'm really severely out of sorts for me to lose track of dates.

bareyns is my sister's very good friend. and as is practically always the case in my family, we ended up sharing friends.

she's been a great friend to me, always ready to listen, and ready to tell me i'm being horrifyingly stupid, without fear of getting estranged. she loves my cooking, and tells me so. actually... she is quite good for my ego. :)

seriously though, there were many times when she pulled me through the slumps i found myself in.

thank you bareyns. we all got lucky. :) and someday, when you go back to far far away.... hehehe. kidding. wuvs you.

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  1. Anonymous12:45 PM

    hey this me! thank you too. you know what you're worth. :)