Monday, January 03, 2005

i almost never got bornded!

today i found out that my parents almost didn't marry. apparently, the day my mom and dad got married was the day my mom was supposed to enter the convent, and the day my dad was supposed to go gallivanting around the world with a cousin or friend.

hmmm. i wonder how things would have worked out had their respective plans gone through. i wouldn't be blogging about it, that's for sure. my mom would probably be mother superior by now, and my dad the father of several children, no two of them belonging to the same mother. (my dad was a sly one back then, you see.)

and i wouldn't be here.

still, years of my heartaches and laments and all.... i'm glad they got married and decided to have eight children (i'm baby number 8) and that i'm alive. like wolf likes to say --right here. right now.



  1. Hello Jessie! Just saw your comment in Jet's blog. Tanong ko lang po ... are you from Baguio? O madalas ka lang talaga dun? Marami kasing fellow bloggers na galing Baguio ... happy new year!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. Link kita ha! Do let me know if you are in contact with other bloggers originating from Baguio. Gagawa ako ng list. Thanks!

  3. Di ako makapagsulat ng mahaba sa tagboard ko... parents ka nasa Crystal Cave area. Dalawang kapatid ko naman, nasa San Vicente. Ikaw saan dun?