Friday, January 14, 2005

random thoughts while starving and waiting for my sister to arrive

1. there is a limit to the number of strands of noodles you can twirl around a fork.
2. people get disconcerted when other people change hairstyles.
3. nothing beats seeing somebody's face light up when he sees you.
4. spaghetti with lots of butter is not good on an empty stomach.
5. no matter how tired you are, there's always enough strength left for beer.
6. bad tasting food will aid you in your diet.
7. i finally figured out what the muffled recorded message being played along escalators says: "please watch your step"
8. good looking men are few and far between. sigh.
9. i need a new knapsack.
10. going commando has its pros and cons.
11. you can never go wrong with pen and paper.
12. contact lenses clear up when you sweat.

more when i get bored.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jessie! Nakaka-relate ako sa item 5. After a long day's work, nawawala sya pag may nagyaya ng inuman. I hope my wife doesn't read this hehehe