Tuesday, May 31, 2005

it sucks to be you

nothing personal. it's just that i've been obsessing over the soundtrack of avenue q the musical.

a friend gave it to me last friday and i only got to listen to it yesterday morning. i had no idea what it was about but the first song reminded me of the opening strains of the sesame street theme.

apparently i wasn't far off. the format is the same-puppets and humans, with musical numbers, of course. but the similarity stops there. i don't think we will ever have a sesame street episode with a song number entitled "i'm not wearing underwear today." :)

the music is wonderful, the humor terribly adult. the album appeals to the child and the (perverse) adult in me. hope i'll get to watch it sometime soon. you should too.

oh, before i forget, here's a phrase from "what do you do with a B.A. in English":

"i'm kinda pretty
and pretty damn smart.
i like romantic things
like music and art.
and as you know i have
a gigantic heart.
so why don't i have a boyfriend?!?!?
F__K! it sucks to be me!"

-kate monster

cute, di ba?

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