Tuesday, May 31, 2005

now i work in the market as a check out girl

obviously this line is not enough to convince people of tracy chapman's gender.

admittedly, i used to think she was a he. the photo on the cd my sister gave me (her first album, i think) did not help any. i still thought she was male. hehehe.

last night i discovered that people are still confused. two waiters at the conspiracy garden cafe along visayas avenue (do visit. this is a shameless plug.) were arguing. on my way to the washroom one of them stopped me to settle the issue. the question was -- "ma'am, babae ba si tracy chapman?"

i answered yes, of course. one of them had to fork over 10 bucks. nothing to sneeze at these days. every centavo counts.

they were good natured about it though.

wala lang. naaliw lang ako. di pala ako nag-iisa sa pagkalito kay tracy. :)

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