Wednesday, May 25, 2005

java java java java java

every time i grab a cup of coffee, people around me try to stop me from having the brew. mainly because i get a little crazy. okay, okay. a lot crazy.

do you remember the scene from encino man where brendan fraser chews up some coffee and starts bouncing around the room? that happens to me. except perhaps i manage to not hit the walls.

it's funny. perhaps it's because i was never really a coffee drinker. milo was my drink of choice for the mornings, beer in the evenings. drinking soda is also something i don't do often.

so the caffeine hits me with a bang. literally. i wear a big, stupid, idiotic grin all the time (my sister would say deranged) and i can't help it!

the good part about this is that i can always threaten my friends and family about my drinking coffee. hehehe. that'll learn 'em!

the next time you see me sporting a big grin (and you know for a fact that i didn't get l___d) make a beeline for the next door. :D

i know tibibord wears a painful look everytime.


  1. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Ay, junkie kasi ako ng kape e. So the only time I get semi-natural highs are with loads and loads of chocolate. (Mga 2 bars.) Tapos ayun. Hyper to the highest level.

    I've linked you up as well. *wink*
    Kitakits bukas!

    -- ergoe

  2. Hey Tina! Just dropping by to say Hi! Lawyer ka na pala!

  3. Anonymous11:14 AM

    i thought beer is what makes you tick the most. kape din pala.hehe.. hey! watch the caffeine, though..labyo!


  4. tina and coffee...tubig at langis...THEY DO NOT MIX!!!

    Deranged? Yes. And histrionic and frenetic and ballistic.

    DO NOT...I repeat...DO NOT get in the car with this girl at the end of a long day for an even longer drive from Makati to Quezon City...and you get stuck in traffic(hu hu hu)

    To your think, I exaggerate? To my think, NO. Experience it and you will start pulling your "urmot" out.(excuse my french).

    Imagine this...or rather, watch the movie... Tina yung thingie that bounces against walls and the floor and the ceiling.

    Run away!!! You have been warned.

  5. Anonymous1:28 AM

    it's George o da Jungele noh. sassy a. javavavavava