Friday, May 27, 2005

my manang

well, i have 5. but the only one i call manang is ate k. no, it is not derogatory. nor does it allude to appearances. for the ilocanos, it is a term of respect for an older female. and for us, a term of endearment.

she came immediately before i did. we grew up together, fighting over the smallest things (we beat each other up over toeshoe pads), laughing over the tiniest matters. we were together in grade school, college, and eventually -- law school.

it's been a riot. it still is. we finish each other's sentences, look at each other and communicate more without saying a word.
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she's hopeless with the dishes, almost gives me heart attacks with her driving, lazy around the house (peace!), terribly sentimental, and horribly emotional. but she's got the purest voice one can ever hope to have, and as one of her friends put it -- a face by da vinci, a body by boticelli (HAHAHAHAHAHA). she stands for what she believes in, and argues just for kicks. she will fight for those she loves, right or wrong. she's smart as hell. she's one of the select few who can catch my cracks without my having to explain myself.

those who know her will agree.

let's just say i'm lucky to have 5 sisters, and to have her as one of them.


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