Friday, July 08, 2005

"ako." what's wrong with it?

saw this written on the seat of the bus:

"kenneth III-ii

mahal na mahal kita. sana pansinin mo na rin ME."



  1. that just killed the romance and drama of the whole note.

    *sigh* i deal with a techie for the 'overall best managed company' who is in his mid 30s and talks that way. (dont people grow out of it? or, in the first place, why get into talking that way?)

    me: i need help
    him: sige, tutulungan me you.
    me: *screams at phone and slams it down really hard. repeatedly.* ok.
    him: teka, ano ba gawa you?
    me: *screams at phone and slams it down really hard. repeatedly. again.*

    he, honestly, speaks like that every freaking time! GRRRR...

  2. i'd probably strangle him daily if i were you. ugh.

    females are tolerable. males, ugh. ugh. and double ugh.