Friday, July 01, 2005

the day i watched my husband walk away

yes, my husband. or at least in a parallel universe.

tall. dark. handsome. with clean feet in leather sandals. (sorry, fetish.)

he just sat there listening to his earphones, hugging his bag. his head almost reached the ceiling of the jeep. i tried, oh how i tried, to not look at him. and failed miserably. he seemed stoic, then he smiled. my heart did little tiny flipflops. susmaryosep ang gwapo nga.

i have no doubt that we would look good together.

he got off at the same stop, and i was hoping against hope that he would be taking the same route. but he crossed the street. sigh.

i woulda married him. delectable guy that he is.

know what? for a moment there it was nice to fantasize about that guy. it made me smile.


  1. sigh. have you watched "Closer"? If you did you might have thought of saying "Hello, stranger". :)


  2. didn't get to. the thought crossed my mind though. sigh. sigh. how're you? hi to billy.

  3. okay, im just going to sigh on this one. i hate it when this happens. so...


    how's you? adjusted to your new cube yet?

  4. so far so good. launchcast is keeping me company. :D