Monday, July 04, 2005

elevator booboos

"i never went fat."

"you're so insecured."

"where are you located from?"

"the pain is standable naman"

since i'm on the 44th floor, i get to hear a lot of conversations in the elevator-- on my way up, and on my way down.

i don't mind, usually, except when they talk really loud about their personal lives which i don't care about much. check this conversation out:

girl 1: really? you talk about work when you're home? kahit na you work in the same place?

girl 2: of course! we're partners. we don't keep secrets from each other. the other night when we were about to sleep, she said....

okay. i have nothing against relationships. what the world needs now is love sweet love. but not in a crowded elevator. and i prefer not to know what couples do before they sleep. close man tayo o hindi. overshare, in my opinion.

still, it breaks the monotony. sometimes i hear jokes being exchanged and i end up smiling. sometimes whispered conversations which somehow carry make me go "aw."

i suppose my reactions really just depend on my mood.

or maybe i'm just insecured.


  1. Anonymous2:33 PM

    one need not second guess you on this. the overshare thing. nono ang going overboard from now on. :)

  2. At least that's more interesting than elevator music :-)

    Ok lang yung overhearing what they say. Alam nilang public place yun eh, but they insist to dump their merry little lives to everyone else :-)

  3. Cool entry!

    A heartthrob of a former officemate, who looked like a foreigner but was actually part Pinoy and could speak Tagalog, had to bear with hearing people in the elevator talk about him in Tagalog as if di nya maiintindihan. I'm sure that was fun for him.

  4. thanks. :)

    there's this guy in the building who is unmistakeably pinoy but speaks english with a british accent flawlessly. i didn't find him irritating at all. he says "excuzzze me ladieess" when he gets off the elevator. actually pleasant to listen to.

    apparently he grew up in london and will not be able to speak tagalog to save his life. weird no?