Wednesday, July 20, 2005

why i didn't sleep a wink.

the night before my birthday i went out with my sister and her boyfriend. around midnight the text messages came in, and the guy singing up front greeted me, and i got kisses all around.

we went home around 2 am and i went back to reading my book. around 430 am, i decided to just wait for the sunrise -- so i went outside, looked for a good place to perch on, and waited for the sun.

it was a marvelous morning. i watched the mist over the fields settle, then dissipate. i watched the shadowed trees turn green with the coming of the light. where i initially i saw bats, i saw birds.

i felt the air becoming a little warmer and i reveled at the miracle that is called sunrise. i felt like i was the only person awake in the whole wide world.

then i saw lights coming on in my neighbors' houses. i heard the sounds and smelled the aroma of cooking. showers being turned on.

the world was waking up around me.

eventually i went back to the house and continued reading. i didn't get a nap till about 3 pm. over 30 hours awake and i was still smiling.

spent time with myself, and that, i think, was the perfect gift i could have gotten.

turning 30 wasn't so bad. :D it still isn't.

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