Friday, February 06, 2004

death and taxes

it's probably true. the only certainties in life are death and taxes.

got my first payslip today. sigh. payslip lang. wala pang sweldo. ANG LAKI NG TAX!

i almost didn't graduate because of tax. and now i have graduated and it's still haunting me. i did really bad in the tax portion of the bar exam.

it's still haunting me.

sigh. sigh. and another sigh.

it's no wonder people evade tax. we never really appreciated the tax implications when we were in law school. it was all on paper. but when you realize that you have to pay it, and you see how big it is, it suddenly hits you.

i suppose i should be glad that my tax base (the amount to be taxed) is relatively within limits. imagine if i have to pay the full 32% (the maximum tax rate)! the dx6490 is becoming a speck in the distance.

have to find other ways of making money. or i should steer clear of the bookstores. ha. tall order.

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