Thursday, February 26, 2004

on the side

yesterday was a welcome break for me. it felt like being back in college... no wednesday classes.

i decided to de-stress.

a couple of weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to pass by chocolate lover's (did i get this right?) to get her some stuff. since i was there already, i decided to get some for myself. a kilo of semi-sweet chocolate and some chocolate moulds. (molds? syet natatanga na ako sa trabaho)

anyways, i made some truffles yesterday. chocolate with cream filling with a dash of cognac. yum.

i have always found comfort in making things from scratch. of course i bought the chocolate ready made but the recipe for the rest was all my own. i get relaxed when i cook, or bake, or make something sweet. maybe because this is one activity where i know exactly what i'm going to do next. and if something goes wrong, i can always dispose of the spoils and start anew. if something is nor right, i always know why, and i don't repeat the same mistake.

it's the certainty. that's the word.

it is a form of escape for me, and it works all the time.

of course now i have very healthy (ahem) sisters. and no doubt i will have fat children.

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