Friday, February 06, 2004

mrt blues part 2

......had a moral dilemma inside the mrt the other day. 2 ladies rode the train and i was fortunate enough to have been sitting when they did.

it was an old lady and a pregnant lady. i had a very difficult time deciding but then the practical side of me kicked in. the pregnant lady had her back to me and her behind was bigger than mine (those who do are few and far between.). considering that only half my butt was sitting, i thought she'd have an easier time standing up. i asked the old lady to take my seat. good thing another woman asked the pregnant lady to sit when we got to the next station. my guilt was eased somewhat.

.......oh, had another moral dilemma. saw this woman standing up and her tummy was protruding. i was about to tell her to take my seat when it occurred to me. what if she wasn't pregnant? what if she just had a big tummy? i couldn't decide if she was pregnant or not. would she have been offended had i asked? hay naku. i looked the other way. probably saved myself from embarrassment.

.......then the other day i felt sad because an australian rode the train. pretty young, tall, muscular, handsome as sin. in the vernacular, makalaglag panty. i never thought i'd see the day when i would regret that the mrt was not crowded. missed my chance at pinching that butt. oh well. better things (butts?) will probably ride. i'm an optimist. :)

.......last wednesday i saved myself from being mobbed. i had this almost uncontrollable urge to grin and wave at the people who couldn't ride because the trains were full. i stopped myself in time. imagine what those people would have done to me. it was rush hour, they were probably late for work, and there i would have been, waving and wearing a grin. if i were in their shoes, i would've been out for my blood. hehehe.

thank god for small blessings.

riding the mrt is still a novelty for me. which is probably why i notice so many things and i write about it a lot. (twice is a lot i suppose) i hope it remains a novelty.

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