Thursday, February 26, 2004

i had no idea i was this great :)

a testimonial from r.

Tina B. is one of those rare individuals who is good at everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. My fellow “driver from hell” controls cars more confidently and competently than anyone else I know. She can throw a football with such precision and strength that will put most guys to shame, and spike a volleyball to win the game. She’s a songwriter who’s work can be heard on a major record label. She writes poetry straight from the heart. Her short stories, though still undiscovered by what would surely be an eager set of fans, combine humor and wit with an unpretentious and very enjoyable storytelling style (read: start publishing your work, Tina! you’re depriving us all of a good read!). She never had a bad recitation experience throughout 4 years of law school, because she is just too cool. So cool. In so many ways (why, i even nominated her for “coolest person” of our graduating class!). She can out- drink ten people combined and STILL be the most in-control of her mental faculties (hehe. have i mentioned that the blood flowing through her veins is 80 proof? :) She is well-read and has an impressive collection of books in the children’s lit and fantasy genres. Blessed with a good eye for real art, she paints vivid and moody pictures, and she knows enough about photography to be a photographer herself. This interior design graduate could put together your dream space if you asked her to. As if all those talents weren’t enough, Tina B. can also prepare the heartiest home-cooked meal you ever had, and bake scwumptious cookies that will have you begging for more (and since she’s so generous, she WILL let you have more, bless her heart :) And hence, as you can see, Tina B. is good at EVERYTHING. And more than anything, she is good at being a friend. (pardon my mush) She will listen when no else will, she will understand when no else can, and she will be there when no when else is willing to be. (And she’ll provide endorphin-rich sugar-laden antidepressant goodies if the situation calls for it) Tina B.: a great person who’s good at everything. (in case you were wondering, the “B” stands for beeyootiful :)

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