Thursday, February 12, 2004

if it's too good to be true...

it probably is.

yesterday the mrt people sent an empty train to the quezon avenue station. everybody was pleasantly surprised. and most got to sit down.

today, at approximately the same time, an empty train stopped at the station and i thought to myself, "i lucky."

hell. lucky.

somewhere after the ortigas station the driver spoke. he said that the train was having difficulties and that we were all going to have to get off at the shaw station. the whole trainload of people.

imagine everybody's consternation. anyways, got to squeeze into the next train and made it to buendia with minimum delay. but it took me ages to get a ride.

the buses were full to the brim. there were even people hanging out. syet.

ended up taking an fx to work. sigh.

so i guess i'll have to stay in the office late.

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