Monday, February 02, 2004

green thumb

i think i have one. or maybe two. green thumbs?

we have a small planter box outside the bay window in the apartment. and since i was doing my share to save the environment, i started some composting. yep. threw the vegetables and left-over food and biodegradable stuff. what the birds didn't eat, i buried.

naturally there were quite a few seeds thrown in with the rest. and things started growing.

early last year i had this mutant sinkamas. i barely even noticed it. next thing i knew, there was this huge crawling vine entwined around the window bars. scary. i didn't want to but i had to cut it down. my sister said it will probably grow mutant some more and rape me in the middle of the night and i'll have half-sinkamas children. sick, yes. but that's my sister. :)

then a calamansi thingy grew. then, of all things, papaya. it is now about 2 feet tall, with nowhere to go. the roots are bound to get stunted. ah but wouldn't it be cute to have a bonsai papaya by my window?

now there's a new addition. my mom brought over a poinsettia plant last christmas. being the fragile plants that they are, a few branches broke. i stuck them in the dirt outside and one of them is flourishing. the rest could use some help but still.

so there. my thumbs are green.

who knows, i'll probably have my very own tiny orchard there. hehehe.

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