Thursday, February 12, 2004

valentine's day hype

i'm going home this weekend.

i don't want to be anywhere near the apartment on valentine's day, and if i am unfortunate enough to not be able to go home, i'm spending the night somewhere else.

last year was the worst valentine's day i had.

my sister walked in at dawn with a huge bouquet of flowers. she shook me awake and said "galing kay w." that woke me up and i grinned. so unexpected. we had broken up the december before that.

made an overseas call to w to say thank you. since he wasn't home yet i left a message on his machine thanking him for the flowers.

early morning my cellphone was ringing. after the initial hi, he goes, "what flowers?"

i cried the whole day. he said he couldn't claim credit for something he didn't do.

i found out months later that my sister's boyfriend (w's fraternity brother) took the initiative and bought me the flowers. my sister didn't know it either.

i thanked him for it and he apologized. i said no harm done.

i was wrong.

so i am going home this weekend. the apartment calls to mind things i would rather not think about. but that doesn't mean i don't want people to enjoy the day.

they should. :)

but no one had better give me flowers.

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