Sunday, March 14, 2004

feeling model

my brother in law t, is a photographer. when he and my sister m met, and we found out he was really good at what he did, we became willing subjects. ate k and i would pose whenever he needed to test some lights, or some setting, or we'd help out with his shoots. we also did brainstorming with him.

my sister k and i were the most "popular" models. mainly because we were always available, and because we were cheap. lunch was the usual payment. and we thought it couldn't hurt that we had lots of pictures to show off. and it also didn't hurt that he didn't usually charge us. (grad pics were free. :)

a couple of weeks ago my brother in law was in town for a shoot. i decided to have my pictures taken. when asked, i told him it was for my friendster profile. hehehe. honestly though, i just wanted to have my pictures taken. something for my resume, perhaps. or maybe i just wanted to pose. ah vanity.

my sister was there, of course. she did the fixing up, and took care of minute details, depending on the directions of the t. he took about 40 pictures of me, 20 more of my sister, and several of the both of us. plus we had the other guy in the studio take our picture. for posterity. :)

our best pictures were always the ones where we were together. so here. these are some of my favorites from the latest batch. will have to convert the others to digital.

my brother in law is good, yes? :)

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