Monday, March 08, 2004

waking up

i love waking up. even when i complain that it's too cold, it's too early, i want to sleep some more, yadayadayada. truth is, i love that moment when i open my eyes, and i snuggle deeper into my blankets and just wait for the world to wake up.

this morning was especially beautiful. woke up around 5 and there was light streaming in. i got up and there it was. my moon. (yes, my moon. nobody say otherwise) full, yellow, in a brilliant blue sky. it wasn't completely dark anymore so the blue was more apparent. and the moon had a niche all to itself.

i just had to sigh, wishing i had a camera.

i imagine that it must be sights like this that inspire poetry, music, and stories. sights that throw a coating of fantasy to an otherwise dreary world.

so i got up feeling lighthearted.

and there's a story in my head.

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