Thursday, March 04, 2004

my corporate socks

one thing i hated about having to start working was that i wouldn't be able to show up in jeans and rubbershoes anymore. i would have to wear some fairly decent clothes.

fine. i could do that. but i had to compromise. i was never going to wear plain socks. since i'm not going to court anyways, i knew it would be okay. di naman bitin mga pantalon ko eh.

so everyday, there i was, wearing either a a suit or blouse and slacks and black shoes. with scooby-doo socks. or bugs bunny. or a cartoon dog. or a witch. or stars. the deal was, no plain socks.

my boss saw my socks and thankfully she was amused. everyday they would ask me about my corporate socks and i would gladly show them.

today i brought my socks in my bag along with my shoes. since i commute everyday, i wear sandals to work. easier on the feet that way.

i went to the mrt, opened my bag, got on the train. went to the office, opened my bag, passed through reception and went to the office. when i opened my bag, the first things i saw were my socks. white scooby-doo socks with red heels and toes. hmmm.

no wonder the guards had no comment. :)


a few weeks ago my sister and i went to greenbelt 3. she was feeling bad so we decided to window shop. she was wearing a suit and killer shoes. when we were on the way to the parking area, she flatly refused to walk. i knew she was feeling bad so i decided to be heroic.

i took off my sneakers and gave them to her. and promptly walked the rest of the way to the car in my socks. sure, people stared. but hey. wasn't about to sacrifice my sister's feet for my socks' cleanliness. but only for that day. :)

besides, i've done it before. i walked from the first floor of megamall to the 3rd floor parking area in my socks while carrying my court shoes. comfort first.

and that is why i have happy feet.

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