Friday, March 19, 2004

weird event of the day

got to sit inside the bus today. i was sitting beside this big guy. the seat was for 3 but between the 2 of us, there was space left only for half a butt. so we were undisturbed.

somewhere in front of rustan's the guy suddenly takes his shirt off, stripping to his undershirt! i counted to 10, waiting before hitting my panic button. my thoughts:

he has a meeting, he needs to change. there are no changing rooms anywhere. he's late. he needs to change in the bus...

imagine my consternation when he put the shirt back on. i slid a glance at his face. he wore a half-smile. then it dawned on me. he probably realized his shirt was on inside out. hehehe. couldn't stand it maybe.

i just had to smile.

gmrng world!

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