Saturday, March 20, 2004

for adults only. explicit content.

watched the premiere showing of passion of the christ last night. suffice it to say that i went home physically and emotionally exhausted.

got home around midnight and promptly fell asleep. around 2:45 am, i woke up to the sound of the landline ringing.

nobody wants to hear the landline ring at 2:45 am. it calls to mind police, or worse, hospitals. it must have been ringing for some time to be able to jar me from my exhausted sleep.

i rushed to the phone and it sounded like my sister's boyfriend who is currently out of the country. so i called his name. nope, wasn't him.

"hi. i'm just looking for someone to talk to about my problem."

sleepy as i was i became afraid that this guy might be suicidal. so i asked him what the problem was. he said it was difficult to find someone to talk to. he'd been dialling random numbers and i was unfortunate enough to have picked up the phone.

then the next thing he asked floored me.

"are you single?"

what the fuck?

i finally told him that i needed to sleep and i didn't have time for this.

he said he needed to talk about his problem. fine.

me: what's your problem?

"my sleeping problem."

tangina. (pardon me.)

it took practically every ounce of control i had to not slam the phone.

i told him, calmly, that i was going to put the phone down, that he should look for someone else to bother, and that he was selfish and inconsiderate. ( i saw no point in getting worked up and missing more sleep)

he said he will keep on pressing redial (turns out he didn't take note of what he dialled) and was asking me for the phone number so he can call me on an ordinary day. asshole.

i put the phone down while he was talking, switched off the ringer, and went back to bed.

fucking inconsiderate bastard.

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