Monday, March 08, 2004

my old friend the floor

yes. the floor.

yesterday my sister finally decided to clean up the apartment. i had been cleaning up when i can but there was so much stuff scattered around, and my valiant efforts failed. it didn't help that i slept as soon as i got home. i kept my room in some semblance of order and it was my sanctuary.

so when she decided to clean up i looked up and said a silent prayer. i cleaned the bathroom. a dirty job but someone has to do it.

she washed the dishes and started fixing her stuff. (dumping it on the dining table. hehehe.) soon there it was. the floor. but filthy.

couldn't help it. swept it. got a mop. mopped it. ah there. my old friend the floor.

i started singing (ala ric segreto) "it's been quite a while...."

she got a rug and we promptly sprawled on it, watching miss congeniality. i only hope the clean floor will last.

next project, my old friend the dining table.

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