Saturday, March 06, 2004

we've moved house

or at least that's what my id says.

yesterday i was late for work. for the first time since i started my job i was late for 20 minutes. i was pissed. but i guess these things happen.

while in the bus i decided to get everything ready so i could just run through the lobby when i got off. so i opened my bag and got my id out.

i happened to glance at the back of the id where they put in the "contact person in case of emergency."

through the haze i saw an address.

234 Bintog
Plaridel, Bulacan

my dad's name was there. we moved?????

there i was sitting in the bus laughing all by myself. it occurred to me that if something happened to me and they sent somebody over to plaridel bulacan, they will never never never find my dad.

still, they got the phone number right. that's something.

sigh. at least that would only be a two-hour drive.

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