Thursday, March 18, 2004

not being

as young as i used to be.

way back in college i used to go home practically every weekend. i'd leave on friday and get the manila-bound bus at 2 am monday morning. head straight for the dorm, shower, off to class, then the 3 hour training for volleyball in the evening.

went home last weekend. got there saturday morning. left sunday night at 11. i got to the apartment at around 5, slept till 7 then off to work.

found myself dozing off during the day. i felt so tired. when i got home in the evening i slumped in front of the tv, finished watching charmed then went straight to bed. for almost 9 hours. unheard of for me because i usually get only about 6-7 hours, which is more than enough. not that time. woke up tired and feeling heavy. (of course, it could be my weight. still.)

sigh. i guess our bodies can only take so much abuse.

these days i find myself declining invitations to go out at night. i would rather sleep.

maybe i really am getting old.

well at least my body is. hehehe.

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