Tuesday, March 02, 2004

just like that...

was in a very bad mood this morning. my sister had class at 8 and i didn't know. i woke her up at 7 to bring me to the station. it was a make-up class so it wasn't in the sked. so she had to take a bath before taking me to the station.

traffic was horrible. there was this idiot in a black and red car that kept swerving into my lane. nearly hit him a couple of times. then i nearly got hit by a jeep. by the time i got to the station i was just about ready to hit something, somebody.

since it was rush hour, the place was packed and i had to let the next 4 trains pass because i was at the back.

my anger stayed while i was in the train. then when the crowd of people eased up, i saw him. he looked good.

this was the guy i almost had a past with, way back in college. he didn't see me so i stared unabashedly, realizing that my mood had lightened considerably. :)

he saw me just as i was leaving the train. said our hellos and gave our smiles. then i stepped off the train.

things were looking up. they still are. :)

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