Tuesday, November 11, 2003

6 degrees

in legal parlance one degree is counted with a common ascendant as an anchor to compute relationship. for example, between my sister and myself -- 2 degrees. 1 degree going up to my dad or mom then another going down to my sister.

so i don't really understand how they reckon the 6 degrees of separation.

that introduction aside, my world is getting smaller.

got caught up in the friendster frenzy. last night i was looking for some friends when i remembered that emman's birthday is today. just for kicks i decided to search for him. yep. he's part of the network. emman was my blockmate in up when i was still in engineering. and a friend to date.

viewed his network of friends. saw the name yayie. sounds familiar. tiborce has a friend named yayie. she's linked to his blog. so i decided to check it out. how many people in the world are named yayie? a lot i suppose. but still, viewed yayie's (naks. parang kilala ko siya. first name basis talaga. sorry po.) profile. there it was: favorite tv shows. buffy.

ha. i sometimes visit the blogs linked to borcee's. i like the way yayie writes so i visit her blog and i know she's a buffy fan. clue number 1!

then emman found my blog and said he put my blog as link. i clicked on his blog. and one link at the side bar is yayie's blog. that's not even clue number 2. that's more in the nature of x marks the spot.

one of the names i've always noticed on yayie's links is gamhanan. si emman pala yun. never visited the blog. and even if i did, i probably wouldn't have recognized it as his.

still, weird. i can almost see the connections from a bird's eye view. tina -- tiborce -- yayie -- emman -- tina.

weird weird weird. the world is too small.

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