Saturday, November 15, 2003

i'm a victim of advertising

when i'm driving along edsa and i see those billboards with food on them i want to go to the nearest branch and eat. thank god the feeling passes when i pass the billboard.

or every time i watch tv and so happen upon an infomercial my fingers itch and i want to pick up the phone and call.

of course i'm a little discriminating. the one and only time i ordered online was for the X1R motor oil additive. one for bogart and one for kojak. and i have had no reason to be dissatisfied. but then again it was like a carrot on a stick.

so when i see those infomercials on tv and tiborce happens to be around, he changes the channels.

to date i have 3 things i want to buy. the restore 4 system, the george foreman grill, and the aerospace sofa bed.

sigh. i wouldn't mind getting the grill first....

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