Thursday, November 13, 2003

bus ride and sexbomb

been a long time since i last took the bus going to manila. i kinda missed it.

spent most of the first hour gazing out the window at the trees (what's left of them) and watching vehicles going the other way. fell asleep and woke up in tarlac. went down for the stopover to have a hotdog and breathe.

the tv was tuned in to gma 7 the whole time. when the bus started moving again, there they were. the sexbomb dancers. singing mula batanes hanggang jolo....

was able to ignore the show until the videokray (did i get that right?) portion. the first singer was good. the second singer was a guy who had the misfortune of picking out "hotstuff" for his song. he sang in falsetto all the way. it was painful to watch.

the third singer was really good. girl but she sang elvis. hehehe.

by this time the whole bus was awake and watching. laban o bawi na. it was fun, actually. we all laughed at the same time, and we were calling out answers to the questions. it was like i was part of a family watching a noon time show in the living room.

this question i can't seem to forget. or rather the answers. "ano'ng comic book superhero ang ginawan ng movie nitong 2003 (2? basta)..."

two of the guys didn't let michael v. finish. one answered spiderman. the other answered incredible hulk.

the rest of the question went like this : na merong dalawang "D"

the third guy goes: captain barbell.

and michael v. goes : ano? captain dardell?

nothing beats these noon time shows.

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