Saturday, November 08, 2003

pusong mamon

passed by a bakery today. saw one of those old ladies who ask for money along the streets.

she was lining up her money on the counter. there was a line but i don't think she understood. the guy behind the counter ignored her. the people in the line ignored her. and i felt so bad.

sure she's one of those people you see on the streets, and one of those you wish to avoid. sure she was barefoot and looked untidy. but she was an old lady and she just wanted to buy bread.

i found myself staring at the scene until a young girl told the counter guy to let the old lady go ahead. she left with her bread in a plastic bag.

the cashier went to pick up the money with distaste plainly written on her face. i felt so bad i started crying on the sidewalk. good thing i have a cold. i grabbed some tissue paper and started blowing my nose.

i got depressed. and it persisted till i got home.

now i still feel bad. and mad. if i could change the world.....

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