Sunday, November 30, 2003

i have no boyfriend, i have short hair, i must be lesbian

me. short hair. jeans. shirt. sandals.

two of my male cousins asked me yesterday if i liked women. they figured that since i had such short hair and was always in jeans and shirts, i must be tomboy.

i said "minsan" to one of them. oh the look on his face was priceless. there were no more follow up questions.

the other one was more serious. he said i have never brought a boyfriend to the reunion. i used to bring wen to the reunions. but that particular cousin was not present those times. i told him that i was still recovering. i said i cut my hair because i needed a change, and that cutting hair was healthy, not because i don't like men anymore. i showed him my grad pic, long hair and all. i think he believed me.

anyways, people were asking where wen was. i told them he was with someone else now. they were surprised. why shouldn't they be? sa ganda kong to???? (someday lightning is going to strike and i will never know what hit me.)

actually they were surprised because we had been together so long. i told them that these things happen for a reason. they didn't ask for details. that's why i love those cousins.

then we went back to eating. and it was good. :)

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