Saturday, November 08, 2003

i got kissed by a stranger

well, practically a stranger.

we were sitting at the bar last night when a girl suddenly appeared behind us. she was asking us if it was okay for her to just stand there because she was almost drunk and she didn't want to sit down.

we said ok. then introductions were made. then she goes, kakantahan ko kayo.

paulyn and i caught the singer's attention. chris, kakanta daw siya ng zombie...

up the stage she went. and we were thinking "WHAT HAVE WE DONE?"

it was fun though. and she started dancing with her boyfriend and he took off his shirt and i gently told him to PUT IT BACK ON!

before she left she kissed all of us. weird. but nothing lost. so it was okay.

been a long time since i drank that much. was happy. but i probably won't do it again for some time. i just recovered from a bad cough and cold after all.

all in all, a fun night.

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