Friday, November 21, 2003

the day my toes died

of course i exaggerate. but that's how my toes feel. dead. or should i not be able to feel anything if they're dead? do toes die or just the toenails? oh well.

was going to get stinking drunk tonight but my sister got tired so we went home after 2 beers. and because today is the grand opening of sm and one of the more important days of the ad congress, the whole of baguio was in chaos.

there were no cabs. people were walking in the middle of the street and the sm sign was glaring. hateful.

we walked to a place where we can get a jeep. after 15 minutes, one came by. it wasn't our usual jeep so we had to walk. damn. i came from court earlier. was wearing a black v-neck blouse, nice jeans and killer mules. with pointed toes. (are they still called mules if they're pointed? i plead ignorance.)

the walk just ended my prospects of becoming a foot model. nalungkot naman ako. pero partida na yan. HAHAHAH!!!!

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