Wednesday, November 12, 2003

whoever it was, he or she was right

i heard or read this before: the people who know how to run the world are busy cutting hair or driving taxicabs.

it's true. i've been in numerous taxi cabs and to enough hairdressers and they are the most updated people i've encountered.

i don't know but i suppose i have this sign on my face which says talk to me. so they do.

i have ceased being surprised at their insight, which i get a glimpse of every time they feel free to talk. they know what they're talking about. politics, showbiz, their passengers, world issues... they know. and they always give their 2 cents worth. i guess it's because in their line of work there is plenty of time to listen and ponder...

it's just too bad that they're too busy trying to eke out a living to give running for president or some other position a second thought.

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